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Huvakie·Stone|carefully portrays the dignified beauty of natural marble

                                      China stone | carefully portrays marble dignified beauty

In the application of existing building material, I am afraid there is no kind of stone can replace marble marble classical and elegant place, loved by the people, whether it is decoration or villa decoration, marble gorgeous light designers imagination of the introduction of the fire, dressed like a seat and a great building in ancient Greece the Parthenon to Iran Pahlavi Marble Palace, pushed to the supreme position of imperial queen, marble of history, the history of human civilization is the construction and mining of marble, through ancient masons life history, but also throughout the "China Stone" of the enterprise, from the Baroque classical beauty from European in Chinese style, to try new elegant Chinese style, "China Stone" production of marble walls, cube brick, marble composite board, water jet Parquet products, the blend of art at all times and in all countries learn widely from others'strong points and a combination of features, the aesthetic trend of the moment, gained widespread recognition in the market.

     “At the selection of imported marble stone material, and according to the natural texture of marble stone, art processing, artisans crafted, depicted a magnificent picture of the art of pierre. Our research and development of water mosaic products, good will bind to the decoration art parquet and parquet fancy rich in colour collocation, combined with a variety of marble material, using the water jet cutting technology, the seamless fit, parquet and parquet various shape, color and elegant, has a very high aesthetic value. Our production of series products of waterjet Medallion whether technology or product diversity, all the way ahead with similar products, with strong market competitiveness.

   "Marble background wall" of our lead out of new ideas, based on low personal customization, developed a variety of best-selling products of the public aesthetic, can be directly assembled, greatly save time and cost, for distribution customers orders, "China stone marble wall, exquisite workmanship, assembly is simple, very suitable for Jiezhuang customer demand.

   Describe the beauty of marble, "China Stone" to understand more of the marble deep, our "brick Cube" series of products in the style of design, adhering to the style of water mosaic diversity, due to material excellence, "brick stone at the cube" series of products of high light Ze, extremely pay attention to color balance the color of the marble, well highlighted the "magic cube" brick blurred beauty, the overall effect of stitching is very harmonious,

"The marble composite board at the stone", the industry advanced hydraulic composite technology, composite material research, combining it with marble, marble have beautiful and durable, easy to install, combines the advantages of two kinds of material, is currently on the market selling products, marble composite board at the stone. There are plenty of stock, quality and cheap.

 The marble carefully portrays the beauty of "China Stone" has always adhere to the beginning of the heart!