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Huvakie·Stone|Natural marble can create a perfect quality products

The development and utilization of the stone material can be traced back to ancient and even the old Stone Age , ancient grand pyramids in Egypt The Colosseum The Great Wall of China has some stone in architecture , such as repeated use A skillful craftsman people with their own hands craft unique works , at the same time , they also fondle admiringly on marble , because use marble works created more can let a person feel the beauty of the natural stone material

This period of time , small make up take you to have a closer look at the tomato stone production workshop , see a and the birth of a natural beauty

Zida stone , uphold the maker to high-end stone engineering for many years Aim for the enterprise , constantly innovation , and pay attention to the combination of aesthetic and practical , using high quality natural stone export work out of each product , all-round to provide customers with the most satisfactory services

Production workshop all export stone materials are from mining in the back of block , guaranteed the stability of supply To the best resource advantage , according to the requirements of engineering to provide customers the most complete export stone material quality

Between the production of a skillful craftsman in the stone material processing and measurement , meticulous and high quality product

 Zida stone for every perfect works to the highest requirements to complete , but each of these different products , processes can have very big change , small make up just now to introduce you to the production process of different products

1. The specification sheet

Specifications plate production : begin with stone material selection , deepen to the drawings , and planning materials , is cutting plate modelling , finally the field reduction typesetting and fine packaging before sent to the client's hand a complete set of production processes needed to meet the general engineering and decoration decoration project

2. Water knife spelling a flower

Water knife parquet production : from the machine input corresponding drawings now , begin to water knife cutting machine , and the skillful craftsman in puzzle , according to the original drawing and the big spelling a flower is need to typesetting do most comprehensive review of the product , finally in the polishing machine , spelling a flower to the product

3. The stone line

Stone line production : raw materials for use disk saw first cut into thick material , and to use large bridge after cut into the specifications of the line , and finally with resin scraping gum machine automatic shape and polishing , the stone line until after molding wax can packaged for sale

4. The composite board

Composite board production : cut the big board cut into planning board by a bridge , and then will be thick , specifications board double double ream resin composite extrusion , used for cutting machine for cutting thick sewing in step with resin and drying , the automatic layout can wax scraping gum after polishing , packaging and can produce

Choose a large area of cutting from the rough stone Again to the details of finely crafted to the front of the last shipment of layout adjustment , tomato stone insist every detail of the full share of the biggest sincerity to customers
Because is the sincere's tomato stone by the vast number of customers praise was founded in 2008 , constantly improve more comprehensive service system , combined with innovative design professional construction and after-sales service Zida stone will to bring more places that belong to the natural beauty of marble