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Near to the Mid-Autumn festival , also have the customer contact concerned product production schedule , this author instant interviewed zida stone production system , the head of the gansu manager : " at present , the company's production system are working overtime to produce , the first order of foreign trade project has entered the end , will ship in the near future , please customers at ease , we will certainly be the goods with good quality ...
Manager's emphatically , which originated from China base of stone material production technology and production efficiency of high degree of confidence , to base in China stone material to product quality and production efficiency , as the root of the living enterprise , from the end of the twigs in the process of production in strict on quality and efficiency , to the finished product delivery period meticulously check it over and over again , this is almost comparable to the scientific rigorous attitude , developed zida stone deep philosophy of production
The author in the communication with production workshop workers learned that the current foreign trade engineering customers most of the finished product has been assembled , finished products within the visible everywhere , under the guidance of the worker's brothers , close to watch the assembling finished products from Thailand Australia Macao several customers , surprised the plain beauty of natural marble , wonderful artical excelling nature also impressed in tomato

Custom - ( water knife spelling a flower

Custom - white ( mesa)

    From Australia customer custom , at present in the production of products is gearing up , white marble pattern and black and white marble plank root , black and white with classical decorative pattern , is both elegant and lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood , the natural attribute of marble stone , perfect make up the stone mosaics of off color , the overall look more like , grey spelling a flower terraces , in the quality of the production is very high

Custom - ( water knife spelling a flower)

Thai custom - sofitel gold ( in the bathroom)

Custom - ( to spend)

Thailand's customized above water knife spelling a flower , the product production process is complicated , the stitching is very demanding , the details of the different colors of marble mix build , and have different rules , more increased the difficulty , the workers in order to highlight the unity of the whole product , choose marble stone , repeatedly until you find uniform texture direction of marble stone material , the process is extremely time-consuming , but for the sake of product aesthetics , tomato people dare not snub Keep the product overall harmony , is the permanent beauty of sustainable

Macau custom - ( flower)

Custom - ( water knife spelling a flower)

    Macau customers order products , has now entered the production end , most of the finished product has been assembled for inspection , early , because the process is relatively complicated , the marble material requirement is very strict , requirement texture direction even marble raw material production and processing , but also is higher , the proportion of special-shaped products increases the difficulty of production , while on the production schedule , cost a little bit of time , but is still a work in progress of production with good quality
    Workshop workers for their products is very confident , and said very want to see the actual installation of the product effect , all express of stone of vision Bring to the consumer experience and the feeling of beauty